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My Non-Disney VHS's. by lionqueen1067 My Non-Disney VHS's. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 1 2 My Disney Decorations. by lionqueen1067 My Disney Decorations. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 1 0 My Disney VHS Collection. Part 2. The Rest. by lionqueen1067 My Disney VHS Collection. Part 2. The Rest. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 0 0 My Disney VHS Collection. Part 1. My Favorites. by lionqueen1067 My Disney VHS Collection. Part 1. My Favorites. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 0 0 Gifts for a Friend. by lionqueen1067 Gifts for a Friend. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 0 0 Old Art. by lionqueen1067 Old Art. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 1 0 Storytime With Big Marie. by lionqueen1067 Storytime With Big Marie. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 1 0 Stars In His Eyes. *Colored* by lionqueen1067 Stars In His Eyes. *Colored* :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 4 9 You Can Fly! by lionqueen1067 You Can Fly! :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 4 6 Disney Prom Date, Aladdin! by lionqueen1067 Disney Prom Date, Aladdin! :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 1 0 Young Gideon. by lionqueen1067 Young Gideon. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 4 6 The Engagement Ring. by lionqueen1067 The Engagement Ring. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 1 0 My Prince of Egypt OC's Voices Meme. by lionqueen1067 My Prince of Egypt OC's Voices Meme. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 0 0 My Hunchback of Notre Dame OC Voices Part 2. by lionqueen1067 My Hunchback of Notre Dame OC Voices Part 2. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 1 0 My Hunchback of Notre Dame OC's Voice Acting Meme. by lionqueen1067 My Hunchback of Notre Dame OC's Voice Acting Meme. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 1 9 The Music Box. by lionqueen1067 The Music Box. :iconlionqueen1067:lionqueen1067 1 0


Wolfgang Amadeus by Imaginative-Light77 Wolfgang Amadeus :iconimaginative-light77:Imaginative-Light77 3 4 My Cinnamon Roll! by Imaginative-Light77 My Cinnamon Roll! :iconimaginative-light77:Imaginative-Light77 30 36
Quasimodo's Childhood - Part 2
"Father!" Quasimodo shouted, running to the window. "Father, look at the sky! It's so beautiful!"
"Quasimodo, how many times must I tell you, call me Master? Come over here," the judge commanded, refusing to acknowledge the child's joy at the colors.
Quasimodo was five years old now, and already able to read, write, and do arithmetic. He may have been a monster, but he was a fast learner, Frollo admitted grudgingly.
As the boy loped over to the table where Frollo sat, he attempted to hold himself straighter. He had a hunchback, which he knew was not normal, as neither Frollo nor any of the townsfolk he watched out the windows stood stooped like him. Frollo repeatedly told him he was deformed and ugly, so Quasimodo did not think very highly of his appearance, but he was proud of his intelligence, puffing his chest with pride every time he read a passage out loud correctly and got a curt expression of approval from the man who served as his father, teacher, and master.
"Let us review you
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Quasimodo's Childhood - Part 1
"Care for the child, and raise it as your own."
That was what the Archdeacon had said to Frollo after he pushed the Gyspy woman down the steps of Notre Dame, causing her to break her neck.
Frollo did not know how to care for a baby. He asked some of the soldiers in town to observe their wives and how they cared for their children. If they asked him why he wanted to know, he told them he had adopted a child who would grow up to ring the bells of Notre Dame, but he would never be allowed outside or have any other human company but himself, so as to not be corrupted. He did not tell them anything about the tiny monster, how he obtained it, or what it looked like. Soon enough Frollo taught himself how to change and wash diapers, clean the baby, and sang hymns and prayers to it to make it sleep. Aside from basic care to keep it alive and content, he showed no tenderness towards the baby. He was temporarily living in the bell tower with the little monster to care for it until it was able to
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As long as you're with me... by Animaniacs93 As long as you're with me... :iconanimaniacs93:Animaniacs93 123 29



My Non-Disney VHS's.
These are some other VHS's I own that Aren't disney, but still remind me of childhood. ( can you tell I'm a Robin Williams fan? 😁 ) Especially The Brave Little Toaster and Jumanji,  The Brave Little Toaster is the movie that I got my nickname from, Tootie Fruitie. :) ( I'm still called that today. :) )
My Disney Decorations.
Yes! More of my Disney Obsession!  These are Disney decorations that have or used to have  in my room. :)

The Top Pictures, are ones I used to have in my room. Picture 1. Is a collaboration of pictures from a 2016 calendar my mother gave me for Christmas in 2015. ( except for the Frozen one, that one was from a calendar for last year.)  I cut out all the pictures and arranged them to fit around a picture of me and my Best Friend, and yes, it Is the shape of a cross.  Picture 2. Is a coloring poster I got for Christmas of 2016, I absolutely loved this gift because i could color it! It took me about 4 days to color it, i colored for 3 to 4 hours each day, trying to get every detail perfect. I still have both these decorations, they just aren't in my room no more, my mom decided they were " too colorful" for a girl my age and that it " didn't match the room colors." So i have them in storage. :(

The Bottom Pictures, are the ones that are in my room right now, I was very disappointed when my mother said I had to take down my old Disney decorations because they " didn't match the colors in the room." ( gray, black,white, and gold/yellow.) especially because I had worked so hard on the other ones. So my mom said that i had to find a way to make new Disney decorations to match the room. So I did. I found online, pictures of Disney Character silhouettes and i knew that black would match, so i bought two blank canvases, printed out the silhouettes i wanted ( with the help of my sister.) and glued them on in the design i wanted! So that is what now hangs in my room. :) 
My Disney VHS Collection. Part 1. My Favorites.
Now my friends, you are finally going to see my Disney Obsession unfold! I'm showing you my Disney VHS collection, I collect Disney VHS's because they remind me so much of my childhood, especially when I watch the intros and commercials, and it makes me very happy. :) This is a collection I've been working on for a long time, and I still have more to collect, but here's what I have so far. So here is Part 1. Of my Disney VHS collection! These are definitely my All Time Favorite Disney Animated films, in this order.

And yes, I know that The Prince Of Egypt isn't a Disney film, but i always thought it was when I was little, and it still remains one of my favorite animated movies.
Gifts for a Friend.
These are some pictures I made for a friend that I met online this summer. She has Arthritis just like me.  I asked her who her favorite Disney characters are and she said, Gus Gus, and Ursula. So i made 3 pictures for her. 

Picture 1. Is a picture of my online friend with Gus Gus waving on top of her head.

Picture 2. Is a picture of me and my online friend, holding hands. The line between us symbolizes that we may live in different states, but together we fight the same battle of Arthritis. That's why up above us is written. #R.A. Warriors. 

And Picture 3. Is of my online friend as a mermaid, getting her voice taken away by the evil Ursula.
Hey Everyone! It's Me Lionqueen106! For those of you who forgot me, I created lots of Disney OC's my most popular ones that I loved doing roleplays with are...Adelina, Cynthia, and Pierre,( The Hunchback of Notre Dame.) Miriah, ( The Prince Of Egypt. ) Natalie, ( Titanic) and of course my OC's for my own original Story ( no title yet.) Destiny, Sheelah, Rama, Melody, Jean, Matayo, Fire'sWrath, Marco, and of course the evil Azaan! 

Hopefully now you remember me, I had to create a new account because I wasn't on DA for so long it deactivated my account and all my artwork was deleted. But Hakuna Matata! ( no worries. ) I will soon be submitting new pictures of my old characters and some new ones that I know you will love!


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I'm a happy, fun, Disney loving girL with a Huge imagination! I love creating OC's for movies and I love writing stories


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